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Pandemic & War: Mental health check for young adults

Dear Parents,

I wanted to reach out to all of you to share some thoughts and observations of mine and with the intention of helping your child and young adults in our lives and communities.

It's no secret that these are incredibly uncertain times. Thrust into a pandemic unlike anything any of us have ever seen or experienced over two years ago, this has greatly affected young adults. They are still being affected, and in their own unique ways. Then, just over a month ago, a war has begun in Ukraine. While this may seem far away to some or impossible to others, we can't dismiss the idea that this must be affecting young adults, whether directly or indirectly. It adds to the uncertainty of the future, of life ahead.

I am also seeing the impacts of these global events in my practice and my work with my students. I have found a much greater number of my students struggle to complete tasks. Others struggle to follow up on work that is expected of them. Some avoid going into too much depth, whether it be with their research or with their questions for me. Clearly this has happened to me every year in some form or function; I've been working with young adults my entire career, spanning over 20 years. But, last year and this year are different. I've shared with my students and families individually where there is concern and of course I will continue to do that. Even if there is no "concern" with your child right now, I do think it's important that we are at least all aware of the impact that the current events and global situation has on young adults and their mental health--and, to look out for how this may affect your child. Thank you for reading. I will continue to listen closely to my students, be empathetic to their situations and to give them the tools to continue to take ownership over this next phase of their lives setting them up for a happy, independent future. Warmest wishes, Jennifer.

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