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May 2022 Trends in International Higher Education

From time to time I post here my emails to my Families and Students.

Dear Students and Parents,

Good day!

Sharing with you your May edition of articles and trends I have put together from the past month. Again, this is meant to give you more perspective on international higher education and admissions and in a global context.

As always, I hope it is helpful and interesting to you.

Warmest wishes,


Four secondary school students talk mental health and how the pandemic changed them.

Mental health in teens and sleep: the direct link. "Brain imaging studies have shown that sleep deprivation amps up the reactive, negative emotional centers of the brain, while the prefrontal cortex — which soothes and gives us perspective, judgment and emotional regulation — is less active."

The University of Hong Kong’s proposed plans to discipline students who “bring disrepute” to the institution has raised new worries about free expression on campus.

International graduates of Canadian universities will be able to stay in the country and work longer as part of a plan to tackle labor shortages.

Students in eight Chinese cities have been unable to take Advanced Placement exams because of Covid-related lockdowns.

Graduates of the world’s top 100 universities will be eligible to apply forgolden visas” to settle in the United Arab Emirates.

The U.S. Embassy in India is increasing its student-visa appointments as officials there said they expected another year of surging applications.

International students will finally be able to return to New Zealand at the end of July when Covid-related visa restrictions lift.

Pandemic-driven job cuts at Australian universities may have been too deep, according to a new study, which found that cutbacks exceeded the financial hit to institutions.

Possible expansion for international-student work program in the US: The U.S. government is taking nominations until August 1 for new fields of study to be included in a three-year work program for international graduates from science, engineering, and other technological-oriented majors.

Credit to Karin Fischer of The Chronicle of Higher Education for some of these links.


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