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For Students & Families

I work one-on-one with a small caseload of families every year.  I very much like to get to know my families and students and spend a lot of time understanding who the student is by doing a lot of talking and interacting over a pretty long period of time.  I don't use personality tests or algorithms.  I am very much of the belief that finding your fit for your educational needs is found through understanding who you are--and helping the student to understand this and find this--and to know as best as possible the specific options that the world offers to that student and family.  Focusing on individual needs and nurturing that personal development and growth of the student are at the base of how I guide and work with my students. 

My students attend schools, universities and graduate programmes all over the world.  They are incredible.  They work, find internships and explore gap years from Toronto to Santiago to Berlin to Cameroon to Hong Kong to Melbourne.  My students are truly global citizens and I believe it is my responsibility to help guide them to even further develop their global mindedness through their next stage in life.

Please feel free to contact me directly with questions on how I work with students and families one-on-one.

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