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Winner of 3 International Book Awards:

The International Family Guide to US university admissions

Wiley & Sons 2017










Based on the US university admissions timeline, this is the first and only guide  and workbook dedicated to the international applicant and family and inspired by the countless times I was asked, "How do I start the process and what do I need to do?"  Here it is.  In its entirety:

  • The most comprehensive, clear, and thoughtful guide to US university admission on the market.  And, the only one dedicated to the international applicant and her family.

  • Every action step (Milestone) the student & family must take in the process is covered, when, why and how.  Insider tips, comments and alerts accompany each.

  • All Milestones incorporate worksheets and reasoning for why they need to be done and how each will affect the application.

  • Every chapter begins with a Case Study of an actual student of mine--see just how subjective and arbitrary this process can be and just how important fit truly is.

  • Read feedback from both my students and parents on specific Milestones throughout the guide giving you the most realistic picture of how the process works, how to manage it and how to succeed throughout it.

  • Learn what type of universities are best for you, how to determine what your fit truly is, and how to put your best self forward in writing a beautiful application.

  • Includes full Writing Handbook that covers how to write your own powerful, meaningful, and unique essays staying true-to-self and standing out to admissions.

  • Learn what colleges want, what they care about, and what will make your application stronger (or weaker) by staying true to yourself and the fit between you and the university.

  • An excellent "required textbook" for any school's student body & families, helping counselors manage and guide large numbers of students efficiently and effectively.

  • This is the *only* guide you will need.  I wrote it based on exactly what I cover with my own students, all international, all different, all unique and all finding success at university.

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