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For Schools & Institutions

I work with a variety of institutions--public and international schools, non-profits, even educational consultancies--who need my support and expertise to offer to their specific communities.  I will work behind the scenes or front-and-center leading seminars and workshops.  All of this is based on the client needs and interests.

One to Two Week Intensives Overview with Schools:

• I work with the entire secondary school community—faculty, administrators, parents and students—to deliver catered, relevant intensive programme.

• Intensive visits consist of catered seminars, one-on-one meetings with students and families, and tailor-made workshops for all members of the community including all grade levels in the secondary school.


• I usually work directly with school leadership to determine appropriate programming as well as with the counseling office to make sure we are all on the same page.  Oftentimes Communications is brought into the conversations prior to my visit.


• Deliverables and fee structures are negotiable based on the school’s needs.


• Focus can be on any country’s admissions process and each presentation/workshop can tie in relevant countries’ admissions processes in order that the community can be educated about and given ample understanding of each process.  School to determine focus necessary.

Please contact me directly if you would like to discuss.

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