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“The US university or ‘college’ application process is a period that affects not only the applicant, but the whole family as well as the high school. The process is complex with thousands of universities to choose from, each asking for different requirements – it is lengthy and often very stressful.


As Vice-Chairman of the Board of the largest IB School system in Turkey, I have witnessed this process every year, and students, parents and school leaders try to find the best guide during this process. Even though our college counselors know the process very well and try to help our students, it is imperative that the whole process is understood by everyone. As an international educator, administrator, and someone with extensive valuable international experience, Jennifer Ann Aquino truly becomes our Northern Light and our guide during this wearing process.


In her book, The International Family Guide to US University Admissions, Jennifer sets the tone and the path for all of the stakeholders. Her background and easy-to-follow instructions help each stakeholder understand the extensive and complex information regarding the whole process. The perfectly prepared timeline prepares everyone involved in the process to what each will face during the process: advice for parents help them feel knowledgeable and prepared and the worksheets enable the students to prepare for what is expected of them in the application. The last, but in my opinion the most important part of this book, is the numerous case studies – real stories that we can learn from.


Having graduated thousands of students and closely experienced the US university application process with them, I strongly recommend this book to every parent, student, college counselor and school. This is an invaluable gem that everyone should read and every library should get ahold of.”

Cenk Eyüboğlu, Vice-Chairman of the Board, Eyüboğlu Educational Institutions, İstanbul, Turkey; graduate of Harvard University Graduate School of Education, Tufts University and Bentley University

“Our three boys went through the American university application system and I still find it daunting. Is it because we are foreigners? What are SAT’s and ACT’s? How do they differ and how do I prepare my kids for them? Do all universities ask for these standardized tests? Why do some universities ask for extra essays? What is Liberal Arts?  What does it mean to apply as ‘undeclared’? What documents do I have to provide the universities? Where do I get all the paperwork for the visas done? Deadlines? The university of what? Where is that? Will my child ‘fit in’ being a foreigner? And most of all, what will our kids gain by attending an American university that other academic institutions around the world can’t offer?


Jennifer answered all these questions while implementing the only approach that works, following the timeline. She got to know my boys and empowered them to find the right fit and she does the same for all the users of this book – parents and students alike. It is a must-have for any parent and student going through this process.”

Brigitte Roulet, parent, Switzerland

"I’ve had the good fortune of watching Jennifer Aquino work with students and families in person. I have observed, as she has enabled families to gain clarity, unpacking the necessary steps required to be successful in the increasingly complex process of university admissions. Within these pages, Jennifer has once again taken the complex and made it seem easy. The student advice and parent advice, case studies and words of wisdom contained in these pages, I know, will greatly assist students and families to shape their university admissions goals and understand what steps they need take to achieve them. Quite simply, as an executive leader in schools for over 22 years, I’ve seen none better then Jennifer when it comes to university guidance and no text as comprehensive or beneficial as this."

Glen Radojkovich, Founding Head of School, Branksome Hall Asia, South Korea; former Head of Secondary School, Canadian International School, Singapore; Head of School/CEO GEMS Dubai; former National Chairman, Cambridge University International Examinations (NZ) and IB Heads Association (Korea)

"In a landscape abound in myth and short on truth, Jennifer Aquino's book offers a step-by-step, comprehensive guide for international families as they begin the U.S. university admissions process. It is no secret that college admissions should be about ‘fit.’ Rather than families manipulating their children's dossiers in the hope that select, name-brand universities will see the fit, Jennifer rightly challenges young people to first know themselves, embrace their interests, and then put their best selves forward in selecting from the dozens and dozens of excellent universities that would indeed be a good fit.


International students are uniquely poised to thrive in the university setting. In fact, they often carry the intangibles that U.S. universities seeking a diverse student body crave: perspective. This book gives access to these students, offering a clear path to an informed application and selection decision-making. I will use this book with my own children."

Dr. Paul Richards, Superintendent, American School of Dubai; former Superintendent, International Schools Group, Saudi Arabia

“Choosing the right university to attend is arguably one of life’s greatest decisions. Jennifer Ann Aquino’s book is an insider’s guide, helping international students and their families find the right institution by navigating the complex and often overwhelming admissions process. As an internationally recognized expert in US university admissions, Jennifer shares critical information, insights, tips, tools and case studies that make the application process easier.


As a former international student myself, who applied to and graduated from a university in the US, and given my role as Dean of International Education, I understand well the value this book provides to international students. It is an important resource and reference for anyone interested in attending a college or university in the US.”

Warren Jaferian, Dean, International Education, Endicott College

“Throughout my career, I have felt enormous empathy for applicants and their families who just had no idea how competitive college admission is in the US. They simply did not have the experience to understand the importance of the ‘fit’ between the student and the school, and that a student who is self-aware and confident can help to make the case for admission.


Jennifer finally offers international families a guide that explains US college admissions and gives clear guidance through each step of the process. She identifies key milestones and provides clever worksheets and a writing handbook that will help the user to create a highly personalized and strong application for the student’s best-fit universities. The case studies and strategic parent advice and student advice make this book a must for any US-bound student!”

Ellen M. Sullivan, former Admissions Officer, Harvard College; Executive Director of International Advancement, Boston College


“I have been helping students with their university planning and applications for more than 20 years, as a high school counselor in international high schools and as an independent university advisor. During each of those 20+ years, I have looked for a comprehensive, intelligent, and ethical guide to help families understand this process and how to approach it, and that I could feel comfortable recommending. This book is all of that. I will use it myself, and will ask each of the families I work with to purchase one for our work together.”

Mark Gathercole, Education Advisor and Consultant, Independent University Advising; Certified Educational Professional (CEP); former Director of University Guidance at international schools in Norway, the Czech Republic, and Indonesia; Member, IACAC, NACAC & IECA

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"The International Family Guide to US University Admissions"

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