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Note to my Families: Trends and Uni Updates, 9 July 2020

Dear Families,

As if the news can't get any crazier. Sharing a few of the most pressing updates here. As usual, I will do my best to stay on top of these trends as best as I can.

  1. By now you've all read about the [ludicrous] intention by the US administration to force universities to send international students home who are enrolled in online-only courses/programmes. Yesterday MIT, Harvard, Northeastern (others will join) filed suit against the US government. Many professors are crafting ways to "meet" with students so that their course is not fully online/virtual and that their students don't fall into this category. Exceptional piece by the President Emeritus of Macalester College on the recent ICE guidance for international students is here. I cannot speculate at this stage but every institution in the US will fight this.

  2. Recent article in The Guardian about UK universities and those facing potential financial collapse.

  3. How about some good news? Making Caring Common Project (that I've mentioned before and have linked to in previous updates) has a vision to develop and sustain a world in which young adults learn to care about others and the common good, treat people well day to day, come to understand and seek fairness and justice, and do what is right even at times at a cost to themselves. All this vis à vis international education and university admissions. It's a great project publishing excellent data and articles, too. I encourage you to sign up.

Wishing everyone a lovely weekend ahead,


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