Scared about your child’s pending departure for university? So is she.

Leah has never been to the US before. Neither have her parents. Yet, she’s going to be heading there in two months to spend the next four years of her life…and maybe even more after that. Does it surprise you that Leah and her parents are just a little bit scared? Me neither. Not one bit. I admire my families and the decisions they take. Being “international” or an expat or a third-culture-kid can also mean not really having that one place that is “home”. My families worry about their passports, who will hire their son after graduation and in what country the parents will be living next, perhaps not a country where their child could come back to and work and find a career. Perhaps not

Why haven’t we gotten it right on how to guide students beyond secondary school?

Until this type of “planning” is incorporated into the student’s curriculum in secondary school, it will continue to be something that students, parents, schools get wrong. Two things here: I use the word “planning” because what I believe needs to be done is more than just “university and career advising”. I also say “get wrong”. Allow me to explain both within the framework of what I passionately believe is missing in secondary school education globally. Number 1. “Planning”. For now I’ll use this term. (“Life-beyond planning”?) For now, I want to get this across: Students need a holistic, embedded-into-the-curriculum, structured, non-judgmental “planning” course in high school to he

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