Yoga and Rankings

I was just settling into a relaxing shoulder opener before class when I overheard two of my yoga buddies in the row behind me: --Well, I think Exeter has really gone up. I mean, its ranking is far higher than when I attended. --My daughter is thinking of Bath. But, the rankings are not as high as Durham. --I think at the end of the day all UK unis are on the same level after you hit Oxbridge. --Yes, she’ll just go by the rankings and decide. --Wait, Jennifer is here. Why don’t you ask her? --Jen, which is better: Exeter, Bath or Durham? I was upside down facing them, eyes closed. I smiled but it would have looked like a frown to them, which would have coincided well with my immediate “re

We've got to stop checking boxes [in the application process]

This process is way too complicated and based on subjectivity to have an “arranged marriage" of ticked boxes and robotic responses. ​ I worry about where this is all going. Or where it’s already gone. Why have we deduced the process of applying to university—those formative 3-5 years of a young adult’s life—to a black-and-white checklist that treats everyone of those young adults as if they were all the same human being? Yes, surely it’s because of the frenzy that this process has become, the “stakes” of “getting in”—anxiety leads humans to lose sight of reality. And, in this case, the reality is that university admissions is an individual process that is so catered to, dependent upon, t

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