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March trends & updates in higher education

Dear Students and Families,

A curated list of some of this month's higher education trends and updates is below. I do always try to include a monthly mix of trends (particularly of regions as my families are from and live in all parts of the globe and my students end up going to university, likewise, all over the globe) so forgive me if it ever seems skewed, such as, I realize, this one where most articles are from US publications (but have global relevance).

Thanks again for your interest, and, Students, I look forward to seeing you very soon!

Here they are:

  1. Voices from teenagers on how this past year has changed everything and anything for them. Their artistic expression showing their feelings, anxieties and lives is incredible.

  2. I am always trying to urge my students to face the fear of failure by encouraging you to take risks and try new things. Everyone is different. Everyone must go at their own pace. And, most of us have this fear. But, it holds us back. A great article on overcoming the fear of failure from The Atlantic.

  3. Expect wait lists from US universities to be particularly long this year, from the Wall Street Journal.

  4. Stop trying to make obvious connections between your "unrelated" interests--and a reason I always push you to pursue what you're really curious in and interested about. From The Atlantic, evidence shows that hyper-specialization is not the best strategy for happiness.

  5. And from This American Life podcast (sorry for so many American references this time but this has global reach...wait for the topic...) this week: adults thinking they/we know better than kids and telling them what to be and what to do in life. If nothing, the intro is great as comedian Gary Goldman shares how he was told he needed to be a football player...and how he did become one...and the outcomes it had.

Wishing you a lovely week ahead!

Warmest wishes,



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