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Note to my Families: University updates, 13 July (US, UK, France, Hong Kong, IB,..)

Dear Families,

Students, your resilience amid all of this uncertainty is inspiring. Please don't let go of it and continue to pursue what you're after.

Now, some updates...but not loads of answers, I'm afraid.

Clearly the biggest news is the disparity from predicted scores to the actual scores of this year's IB *and* the US's announcement that for international students to stay in the US and enrolled in university they must be taking presencial classes.

Here are some updates on those fronts and others:

  1. IB: For many students, this year's IB results have been traumatic. Many universities are taking the disparity into account, many are not. Here's the latest on the algorithm that threw many students' plans into chaos.

  2. US: We--and I mean that collectively in terms of students, parents, administrators, teachers, college presidents...just about everyone--are waiting to both understand more about this absurd regulation hastily put into place last week and also how universities are responding. In brief: hundreds of US institutions--including business leaders and Congress--have come against the ICE regulation and are working 24-7 to make sure their international students are not only welcome but safe and secure. It's critical for students to check with each individual institution on this and thankfully all of you have your individual contacts at each. Be patient when connecting with them as they are juggling hundreds of cases, but be persistent. A few updates:

  3. The idea of "class swaps" is helping international students at some unis.

  4. All of the organizations with whom I have worked have come out with strong statements against the new regulations and to the government: NAFSA's is here and IECA's is here. They can have an impact. What that is yet we still do not know. The lawsuits are continuing and growing.

  5. Washington State Attorney General has also sued the government.

  6. Forbes: "Trump Move Against International Students May Have Backfired"

  7. @TravelGov tweeted yesterday that "15 July US Embassies and Consulates may begin the phased resumption of routine visa services" see attached.

  8. Hong Kong: Lest us not forget that with the recent implementation of the new "national security law" in Hong Kong its education system will be duly affected. It already is. And, at every single level: primary, secondary and higher ed.

  9. UK: A 50% decline in enrollment revenue from international students could be realistic for UK universities.

  10. And, France: An article from The Atlantic's France-based journalist on the country's grande écoles.

Students, I have no doubt you will do what you set out to do. Keep your eyes on the prize. And, I'm here to help in any way I can.

Warmest wishes,


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