A Welcome Calm in the University Admissions Process: Regular Decision

For those of you not involved or touched by the university admissions process—in particular that of the US—it may surprise you to read that I really like—and appreciate--the Regular Admissions round. There’s so much anxiety, fury and madness over the “early” round—ED, EA, REA, ED2, …--and by now you know how I feel about it: it’s unhealthy, can be manipulative and brings a lot of fear to my students' and families' lives from September through to November. There is little time between the submission of those applications in November—generally speaking—and the time my students find out their decision, in December. So, there’s no time to not think about it. To stop obsessing about it. To t

Translating the university "jargon" to understand the process better

I work with students coming from all different academic curricula and qualifications at the secondary school level--British A-levels, French Baccalaureate, Swiss Maturité, Spanish ESO, American AP (although not a “curricula”), New Zealand NCEA, German Abitur, …--who will go on to university most often in a country that is not their home or native one and, most often, in a country where their parents did not attend university. With strong foundations at the secondary level, my students are then “faced” with an entire world of higher education to understand as they research universities and programmes in myriad countries where they may become students. What’s a “Bachelor's” degree? Will I b

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