Note to my Families: University updates, 13 July (US, UK, France, Hong Kong, IB,..)

Dear Families, Students, your resilience amid all of this uncertainty is inspiring. Please don't let go of it and continue to pursue what you're after. Now, some updates...but not loads of answers, I'm afraid. Clearly the biggest news is the disparity from predicted scores to the actual scores of this year's IB *and* the US's announcement that for international students to stay in the US and enrolled in university they must be taking presencial classes. Here are some updates on those fronts and others: IB: For many students, this year's IB results have been traumatic. Many universities are taking the disparity into account, many are not. Here's the latest on the algorithm that threw many

Note to my Families: Trends and Uni Updates, 9 July 2020

Dear Families, As if the news can't get any crazier. Sharing a few of the most pressing updates here. As usual, I will do my best to stay on top of these trends as best as I can. By now you've all read about the [ludicrous] intention by the US administration to force universities to send international students home who are enrolled in online-only courses/programmes. Yesterday MIT, Harvard, Northeastern (others will join) filed suit against the US government. Many professors are crafting ways to "meet" with students so that their course is not fully online/virtual and that their students don't fall into this category. Exceptional piece by the President Emeritus of Macalester College on t

Note to my Families: Trends and Updates in Higher Education, 3 July 2020

My regular update to families. I'm finally posting them to this blog. Here's the latest. Dear Families, I hope you've had a good week. Some updates from around the globe: 1. Update on student fees, UK, 2021 and beyond: As we somewhat suspected, it has been confirmed that EU students will lose the home status fees if matriculating at a UK university starting 2021. 2. Student's are getting impatient (reason enough!) on plans for universities to re-open. Here's the latest from The Washington Post. 3. OPT updates from the US. I am keeping tabs on this and we will discuss this individually. 4. More than 300 admissions deans (US) issued a statement about what they value in students during the

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