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At first glance, The International Family Guide to US University Admissions would seem to only duplicate information in similar books about getting into college; but it's important to note that this one comes with a big difference: it's the only title directed to foreign university applicants who need to understand everything from SAT scores and finances to international applications and student status. It thus adopts a different approach and perspective than books which assume a foundation of familiarity with the American college system and domestic processes.


Each chapter opens with a case history example, making it easy for foreigners to quickly relate to the different issues being explored from a candidate's viewpoint.

From documents and paperwork particular to visas and getting enrolled as an overseas student to assessing, long-distance, the cultural atmospheres of different campuses and considering how one's nationality will fit into the mix, The International Family Guide to US University Admissions includes many tips and perspectives not seen in any other college-bound guide.


International families receive not only the nuts and bolts of admission processes, but the tools which are key to understanding different colleges; contrasting their offerings, and considering ways in which their programs and approaches may or may not work for a particular student.


Perhaps this book could not have been written by a US educator - even one with an insider's savvy about the system. Living in Singapore, Jennifer Ann Aquino launched her own private educational consultancy for secondary students and their families, and her expertise and perspective represents her own brand of insider's knowledge not just about American colleges, but about the special concerns and options for foreigners considering them.


Packed with advice that transcends paperwork requirements ("The human process means it’s not perfect. There’s no science behind it and there’s really no way, ever, to find out why you were accepted or why you were rejected. Commit now to letting this go. And, to control what you can control and leave the rest . . ."), this is the item of choice for any overseas family examining American universities.


-Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Review

by Diane Donovan
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